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SSTI Behind the Curtain

Step behind the scenes at SSTI for a brand-new glimpse into daily life on our campus. In this episodic series, filmed in Summer 2022, you'll follow along with the students and the staff at SSTI as they prepare and produce the fifteenth anniversary season! Come with us, Behind the Curtain...

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It's the week before students arrive at SSTI 2022 and our Student Life team prepares for almost forty students to arrive from every corner of the country. Meanwhile, our production team is pushing through long days to get ahead of the build, with a brand new technical director entering the fray.

The preparation pays off as the staff of SSTI 2022 welcomes the students of session one to campus for the start of the fifteenth anniversary season.

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Rehearsals have begun, the student tech crew has joined the build, and SSTI's The Music Man is quickly coming to life. Students Zack, Maddi, Sutton walk you through their campus that feels like home, and a graduation surprise awaits one of our special alums on campus.

Students arrive to our SSTI Essentials campus for two weeks of intense training with professors from the nation's top universities. Meanwhile, over at our flagship campus, staff members are awakened by an unexpected 2am plot twist...

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The Session One cast and crew head into a week of technical rehearsals for the The Music Man. The hard work in the rehearsal room and backstage pays off as all the pieces of the show finally come together. Meet the students and staff that make it all happen in the final moments before we take our first bow.

It’s showtime…on both campuses. Students at SSTI Essentials prepare to showcase their two weeks of technical work and audition prep, while the students at Session One prepare for the opening night of The Music Man. At the end of the long day, they’ll all be reunited for one giant party!

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It's the final week at SSTI for Session One and the students spend their days in masterclasses, in rehearsals, and preparing for an emotional final bow.

SSTI’s five day middle school intensive, SSTI Junior, is off and rolling as the students prepare to ‘Party, Party, Party’! Meanwhile, at housing, SSTI’s company management team prepares for the arrival of SSTI’s largest session ever.

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The cast of Ragtime steps onto campus and into rehearsal as Summer 2022 speeds by at SSTI. With mountains of material to learn, the largest cast in SSTI's history is up to this important challenge.

SSTI Essentials is action-packed as students get a glimpse of what daily life is like as a college student pursuing BFA Musical Theatre. Meanwhile, the cast and crew of Ragtime hear the clock ticking as they prepare to leave the rehearsal hall and begin tech week!

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Students at SSTI Essentials and SSTI MT Production each prepare for their performances on each campus. Essentials prepares to showcase and depart, while the cast of Ragtime is ready to open the largest musical in SSTI history. The lights are shining, and the curtain is rising on SSTI 2022’s final weeks.

Emotions fill the air as SSTI’s production of Ragtime and the fifteenth anniversary season come to a close. As the students say farewell, the unstoppable staff’s job is far from over.

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