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SSTI Online Participation Waiver

I hereby authorize my child to participate in the Southeastern Summer Theatre Institute offered by The Southeastern Summer Theatre Institute, LLC online in the Summer of 2020. By execution of this release, I acknowledge and agree that all requirements, directions, supervision, and standards set by the directors and staff of this program shall be established for my child's benefit. I hereby voluntarily assume all risk of accident or injury to my child, which may arise out of his/her participation in this program. I understand that it is the responsibility of my child and our family to communicate any health concerns prior to the start of the program. I understand that this digital learning environment does not allow for an instructor to see subtle signs of injury or strain, and that it is up to the participant to monitor their health and wellbeing, and request alternate options or sit out to prevent injury. I understand that neither the Southeastern Summer Theatre Institute, LLC, nor its staff are responsible for the safety, maintenance, and stability of any structural element, furniture, or environment implemented on site as a part of participation, and that the participant is the responsible party for determining what is safe and achievable within one's home. I further understand that it is the participant's responsibility to insure a stable internet connection, and that interruptions caused by connectivity issues will be time lost that generally cannot be made up. I understand that all tuition paid is non-refundable and is immediately applied towards the preparation and staffing for my child's participation. With an understanding of these agreements, I release and hold harmless all personnel associated with the Southeastern Summer Theatre Institute, LLC from any and all liability that may result from my child's participation and general activity. 


I give permission and consent that my child may appear in marketing photographs and videos to be taken during program session activities and performances. I further give permission and consent that any such photographs may be published and used by Southeastern Summer Theatre Institute, LLC to illustrate and promote the program experience.

Thank you!

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