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After thirteen unforgettable summers, SSTI's nationally ranked summer intensive embarked into new territory in Summer 2020. What began as a single session, quickly expanded into five, as SSTI Online's reputation for excellence grew. SSTI Online wasn't simply a replacement during a Covid summer, but rather a viable and valuable tool for delivering collegiate-level musical theatre training and education to our performers across the country. SSTI Online delivers our unique brand of holistic education, focusing not only on the performer, but also the person. It continues this Fall...

Musical Theatre with the Masters! 

Advanced Placement Work in Musical Theatre, 

Taught by Leading College Educators!

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SSTI Online

Think of this as AP Musical Theatre! 

Summer 2020 brought lots of changes, and it certainly didn't play out as any normal summer. But it also proved that the SSTI magic extends through the screen, and that our life-changing experience can still thrive virtually.

At SSTI Online, our students are placed in small groups (no class larger than 7 students) and partnered with professors from the top musical theatre colleges and universities in the United States. It's collegiate level instruction, delivered to a small group of exceptional students, by extraordinary educators. The consistency of instruction over a nine week period makes this opportunity unmatched. 


Here's what students from SSTI Online Summer 2020 had to say about their experience:

"This program is the REAL DEAL. Everyone was so kind and welcoming. I built a small little family and got to watch other groups bond all from the comfort of my room."

-Jack E.

"SSTI is life changing. SSTI Online has given me the confidence to become a better artist and human. I’ve learned more about myself and the industry in two weeks than I have in the past three years"

-Rachel G.

"As a returning SSTI alum, I can confidently say that SSTI online is crafted just as thoughtfully and generously as the in-person program is."

-Elizabeth M.

"It was amazing how we were able to feel connected with these people even though we weren’t training in person. The teachers were so encouraging with every student"

-Bella S.


World Class 


From award winning Broadway guests to educators from the top colleges and universities, our staff is unmatched. We put them in the same (virtual) room with you! Only the most outstanding educators work in small groups and one-on-one with our aspiring young professionals on a daily basis. Our staff is extraordinary in their talent and abilities, but most importantly they possess the nurturing spirit to inspire and ignite it within others. 


College Ready

Every student at SSTI, from youngest to oldest, has a desire to pursue musical theatre in college. At SSTI Musical Theatre, you'll have a leg up as you'll be receiving college level instruction from professors from the top universities in the US. The detailed work that can occur over an extended program not only familiarizes you with a set of college professors, but you're ready to handle the heightened expectations they'll have of you during your auditions and collegiate career.


Small Sessions

At SSTI, family is key. This bond is what makes SSTI stand out in the hearts of alumni for a lifetime. It's also created by SSTI's dedication to small sessions. SSTI Online remains committed to a maximum capacity of 20 students per musical theatre session, with individual class rotations no greater than 7. This guarantees that every student will actively be working and getting coached by our professors in each and every class. 

Your Faculty

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Musical Theatre

In-person or online, we still eat, sleep, and breathe musical theatre. And let's face it, until now, summer was the only opportunity for a high schooler to gain exposure to the highest level of theatre education from college instructors. This changes with SSTI Online.

Each Sunday will begin with SSTI's 'Circle Time' gathering, a moment to gather with your entire session and create memories. You'll then rotate within small groups (7 or less) to individual courses​, taking two 1.5 hour classes per week. The small class sizes have been created to ensure that each student is able to work and perform in every class.


Your 18 classes will include selections from:

  • Fundamentals of Acting the Song

  • Musical Theatre Dance (variety of styles)

  • Vocal Technique (small group, private optional)

  • Movement and Physicality

  • Acting and Monologue Coaching

We will then have 6 scheduled evenings for Special Topic courses. Some topics for this offering will include:

  • Musical Theatre History

  • Mock Virtual College Auditions

  • Vocal Health

  • Mental Health for the Performer

Students will have the ability to add on additional private lessons with teachers as their time and availibility allows. 

There will also be a weekend opportunity, to be announced, for us all to gather together IN-PERSON, once it is safe to do so!

The Details
SSTI Online allows for greater student reach and accessibility. While we expect our program to reach capacity soon after its release, we will stick firmly to capacities and additional sessions will NOT be added.
The program's prior successes can be directly linked to our commitment to small class sizes.
SSTI Online is currently offered to 9th through College Freshmen.
(view sample daily schedule)
Group One
(priority given to Eastern and Central time zone students)
9am-12:15pm Eastern*
Instructors: Greg Daniels
                           McCaela Donovan
                   Rick Edinger
Group Two
(priority given to Mountain and Pacific time zone students)
1pm-4:15pm Eastern*
             Instructors: Jane Lanier
                                     Hank Stratton
                                      Alexander Tom 

*Start times subject to minor alterations

Classes to be held Monday-Friday, with special weekend events. See the sample schedules linked above!

Tuition for SSTI 2020 Online Includes: 
  • The nine week SSTI Musical Theatre experience:
    • 18 Classes with Top University Professors
    • 3 Group Life Coaching/Wellness Workshops
    • 3 Guest Topic Lectures with Industry Pros
    • Interactive Mock Virtual College Audition
    • Lasting Friendships and Industry Connections
SSTI Online Tuition is $1825.00
Spaces will fill quickly. There will be no additional or added sessions. A waitlist may form. 
New students will still be required to audition/interview for our programs. You'll need to follow these instructions in order to complete your application. With programming moving online, this is more important than ever to be sure we're setting you up for success.