by SSTI Founder and Director Ben Wolfe

You've seen so many ads, you've heard a variety of recommendations, and you may have even found yourself on page 80 of forum discussing summer programs. We get it. Summer programs are a dime a dozen. And you just want the right fit. The program that presents the best training, and greatest opportunity for future success. So you're likely wondering Why SSTI?

I'm glad you asked.

The world at SSTI is filled with some of the most incredible professional theatre makers and educators in the United States. Many of these artists work on the latest and greatest Broadway musicals. While others teach at the nation's top schools, filling the stages of Broadway with their own students. They choose to spend their summers with us because they know SSTI's level of detail and artistry, and the unending potential found in our students.


SSTI's productions are designed and crafted by these industry leaders working alongside some of the nation's brightest young talent. But most importantly, we're shaping the next generation of human beings who will take on leadership roles both in the theatrical world and well beyond. Yes, we celebrate the discoveries made by our students every single day. Yes, we rejoice with them as they're coached and interviewed by professors from their dream schools. But in my mind, all of those successes and growth points are expected. When you combine the legion of outstanding staff members found on our team with the dedicated young people who grace our campus, how could it not change lives? Our productions are incredible. Our masterclasses are unique and challenging. But our personal development and encouragement of these young people to be their authentic selves, is unmatched.

SSTI is about family. Whether you're a student for one year or four, we celebrate you. We're your cheerleaders for life, just as you will be ours.

At SSTI, we're preparing our young people for careers on-stage and backstage, but most importantly, we're preparing them for the rest of their lives.

Shaping Professionals, On-Stage and Off

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