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Here are some questions frequently asked by prospective cast and crew members. Should you still have questions after reviewing this list, please Contact Us.

  • What are the dates for SSTI 2024?
    Session 1- Musical Theatre Production and SSTI Tech (Hilton Head Campus) June 3- Cast and Crew Check-in Day June 21- Opening Night June 30- Closing Matinee Performance/ Cast and Crew Check-Out Session 2- Musical Theatre Production and SSTI Tech (Hilton Head Campus) July 8- Cast and Crew Check-in Day July 26- Opening Night August 4- Closing Matinee Performance/ Cast and Crew Check-Out SSTI Junior (Hilton Head Campus, Non-Boarding Program) July 2- First Day of Program (10a-6p daily) July 6- 2pm Performance and Departure SSTI Essentials (May River Campus): June 9- Student Check-in Day (Afternoon) June 21- Final Day of Program/Attend SSTI's Musical Opening Night June 22- Morning Departure
  • What are the ages for SSTI 2024?
    For SSTI Musical Theatre and SSTI Tech: current 8th-12th graders are eligible. For SSTI Junior: current 5th-7th graders, who have a dedicated interest in musical theatre. SSTI Essentials: Current 8th-10th graders, select rising 8th graders considered. Rising seniors, please look to our sister program The College Audition Edge. SSTI's programs are designed to replicate the standards of a working regional professional theatre. Our students all want to pursue musical theatre and technical theatre for a career and are actively invested in the appropriate steps to make that a reality. SSTI's high school programs are not the right fit for a student who simply enjoys doing musicals, or wants to try something new.
  • What's the right age to attend SSTI?
    With only 25 students in each musical theatre session, we can insure that all ages are represented in the acceptance pool. We have so many of our alums who start with us as 9th graders and attend every summer. We also have students who only attend the summer before their senior year, to get that jump on the college audition prep. When we move into the masterclass week, it takes a different meaning for each age group. Working with a professor from the nation's top university, might be intimidating and eye opening for a rising freshman. For a rising Junior, it's immediate and exactly what they're seeking. For the recently graduated senior, it's an opportunity to be coached on technique or acting by one of the greatest teachers in the indusrty. There is value for all ages.
  • What are the deadlines for SSTI 2024?
    SSTI, SSTI Tech, and SSTI Essentials January 7, 2024- Early Admission deadline for SSTI Essentials January 14, 2024- Early Admission acceptances released for Essentials March 3, 2024- Application Deadline for SSTI Musical Theatre Production, SSTI Tech, and SSTI Essentials March 11, 2024- Regular Decision acceptances released SSTI Junior- Rolling admissions with first decisions sent on 3/11/24. *Early Admission: Similar to the college experience, some students know that their only plan for summer is SSTI. These students are ideal candidates for our Early Admission program. Students applying early decision are committing their summer to SSTI and paying full tuition by late January. They also face a smaller field of competition than students applying regular decision. Early admission applicants may also be waitlisted until the regular admission deadline.
  • Why is Essentials the only Program with Early Admissions?
    Beginning Summer 2024, in an effort to provide the most equitable experience for students competing for the rigidly limited spaces in our tech program or roles within our production program, we will no longer be offering early enrollment for those programs. This will allow all students to be scored at the same time at regular admissions, thus creating the most equitable and competitive application process. As SSTI Essentials is not bound by the limitations of jobs in a technical department or roles on-stage in a particular musical, so we can happily continue to offer this Early Admissions opportunity for students looking to lock in their summer in advance.
  • Where are the students housed?
    Our resident life experience at SSTI is unrivaled by any experience in our industry. The students (technical and performers) are housed in four bedroom, two bathroom apartments on a college campus. In their homes, students work with our resident assistant staff to take on the responsibility and accountibilty required for 'living on their own'. While we encourage a 'graduated independence', there are always staffers on duty to help our youngest students feel at home, and learn the 'ins and outs' of self-accountability. Students will be transported daily by our staff in shuttle vans. SSTI Junior is a day program only.
  • What are meals like for students at SSTI?
    The health and wellbeing of your child is the utmost priority for the staff at SSTI. As we strive to fulfill our mission of training 'professionals on-stage and off', our residential staff works to teach the students about healthy eating during their time at SSTI. Each home will be placed on a meal plan, receiving weekly (or twice weekly) grocery deliveries. This delivery contains healthy options for a fresh breakfast and materials for the students to pack their daily lunch. The staff works with the students to be sure that they are awake each morning, that their breakfast is prepared and that their lunch is packed. In the evenings, the SSTI Chef brings a hot meal to the homes for the staff and students to enjoy nightly. The students also take a weekly trip to the grocery store, where they can purchase any special snacks or items not on the meal plan. Special diets: SSTI does its best to accommodate special diets. There will be a designated vegetarian diet option offered at all meals. Students that are gluten-free, extremely picky eaters, or dedicated junk food fans are encouraged to bring extra spending money for the grocery trips as those dietary restrictions are not accommodated by our meal plan. Students may also pack their favorite snacks.
  • What is the tuition for SSTI 2024?
    Tuition for Summer 2024 has been set and all programs include a private bedroom and board, unless otherwise noted. SSTI Four Week Musical Theatre Session: $6975 SSTI Four Week Technical Theatre Session: $6475 SSTI Essentials: $3675 SSTI Junior Session: $675 At the bottom of each program's info page you'll find more details, dates, and tuition breakdowns for all our programs.
  • Who are your faculty and what are their backgrounds?
    The diverse faculty at SSTI travels from all of the country every summer to help train the next generation of performers attending our programs. We interview, background check and reference check to not only insure that we have the finest of talents on our faculty, but also the highest quality role models to work with our developing performers. Our faculty's training ranges from top BFA Musical Theatre Programs to Doctorate Graduates in their field, all with impressive bodies of work on their resumes. Many of SSTI's faculty members return annually to nurture and support the students in our boutique program. Our guest artist staff annually includes Tony-winning and Tony-Nominated stars of the Broadway stage who bring their talents and generosity to the students in the small sessions at SSTI. Beyond our Broadway guests, SSTI's guest artist roster includes specific coaches and professors from top collegiate musical theatre programs who annually return to SSTI because of the immense talent pool and passion found amongst our student body.
  • What type of financial aid or payment plans are offered?
    SSTI is a completely tuition funded program with no outside grants or sponsors for our operating budget. With our unrivaled staff, guest artists, and extremely high production costs, SSTI is unable to offer a broad scholarship program. However, the SSTI family is a broad network of alumni who believe in our work and the life changing experience we provide. These families sometimes offer to sponsor a student who has the passion, drive, and talent, but lacks the financial resources to attend a summer training program. We generally receive 4-6 of these commitments per year, and students can see the need-based qualifications for these sponsorships in the GetAcceptd application process.
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