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One of a Kind

For seven summers, eager high school student technicians have been inspired and empowered by our staff and the unforgettable experiences they create. At SSTI TECH, our students thrive in an environment filled with like-minded peers and adults. Our tech students are celebrated for their incredible skills and are challenged to be ready for the next steps in their careers. SSTI Tech creates a home, a support network, and a foundation from which to launch a career. SSTI Tech changes lives.


Technical Theatre Summer Intensive


SSTI: Your Summer Home

Every summer at SSTI Tech, students arrive from a variety of backgrounds: Some are the only tech students in their schools. Some are the leaders in a large tech program at home. And some are just starting out, hungry for a broad base of knowledge and skills to take back home.

They all have one thing in common: at SSTI Tech, they are home.

For the first time in their lives, our SSTI Tech students are surrounded by professionals in a work environment where they aren't treated as 'interns' but rather co-collaborators and artists.

In our staff (comprised of professional designers from the regional and Broadway realm), our students see the careers that they hope to achieve. In our college grad and upperclass staffers, our students see themselves in just a few short years. 

Read on to see how our students are also being prepared in the classroom for life after high school, and SSTI...

Professional Productions

Forget what you know about 'camp shows'.
During the first three weeks of SSTI Tech, our students are building, designing, engineering, and lighting a giant musical. The students will work in an array of fields before settling into their crew assignment in week three. This assignment is an opportunity to dive into their field of interest, or discover parallel educational opportunities, based on experience levels. Hundreds of cues, thousands of screws, and immeasurable memories lead up to a giant opening night, even reviewed by local press!

Interview Ready

Every Fall, we witness our alums head off to some of the most prestigious technical theatre programs in the nation. This is not only a direct result of their incredible talent and skills honed at SSTI and at home, but also the highly specific interview training that takes place at SSTI Tech every summer. Our students are not only able to complete a mock collegiate interview, but also the process of a group interview and presentation of one's work. We know that speaking in front of a group might not always be a technician's favorite thing, we're here to help you practice.

Diverse Training

We know that you have one specific area of tech theatre that you love more than others. (Shout out lighting kids). But at SSTI Tech, our professionals understand that you will have the most successful career if you're able to be a 'Swiss Army knife.' That's the core of SSTI Tech. Everyone spends the first two weeks working in all areas of tech. This improves the educational experience (and your portfolio) while also serving to strengthen the entire team, as everyone understands and appreciates the challenges presented by all areas of technical theatre.

Hands-on Work

SSTI Tech trains students to be smart, safe, and empowered in their work. After completing thorough tool and safety training, our students are mentored through the complete build and execution of a professional design, in a variety of departments. Students can elect to focus on Carpentry/Design, Lighting, Audio, Wardrobe, Wigs and Makeup, or Props. Tech students will even teach intro tech classes to the actors in the final week!

Portfolio Prepped

At SSTI Tech, we work with our students to insure they are not only skillfully documenting their diverse work during the summer, but also properly organizing any photos and supporting documents from their other works prior to coming to SSTI. With a professional portfolio, combined with our interview prep program, our students are ready to both show and tell colleges and potential employers who they are and the many skills they have to offer.

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