At SSTI Tech, we're not simply looking for technicians with the most experience in their field. We realize that we're offering an opportunity to be involved in technical theatre at a level that might not be readily available in your hometown. We are looking for outstanding young people, filled with a passion for technical theatre. We want students who are excited by the opportunity to learn not only an entirely new set of skills, but also different and industry standard approaches to raw skills they may already possess.

Resume and

No matter the age, every student's journey at SSTI Tech starts with the preparation and creation of a professional portfolio and resume. We know what you have currently might be limited. We ask that you gather what you can, be it cell phone photos of props or scans of your stage management call sheets, and send them over. We know you're coming to learn how to prep these elements. So give us the best presentation you can at present. On campus, you'll have classes on each topic, instructors working with you to create the physical and digital portfolio, and your teacher's resumes and portfolios on hand to review and compare.


Letters of


                   *New Applicants Only*

We need two letters from people who work with you on a regular basis. One of these letters should be from a teacher of theatre or technical theatre. It can be from your school, or perhaps a local theatre at which you work on productions during the year. Choose people who can not only speak to your talents and passions, but also people that can speak to your character and ability to work as a member of a team. This is equally important for success at SSTI and the professional world.


Video Interview

Similar to the Resume and Portfolio, we know that you've likely never done a video interview before. In this interview, you'll be able to talk to several SSTI Tech staff members about your goals for the summer and beyond, as well as the tech theatre experiences that have shaped you and your interests thus far in your career. At SSTI Tech, you'll delve into a series of mock interviews to prepare you not only for college interviews, but jobs that you might take on as a high school or college student ahead of entering the professional world.

How To Submit:

You will submit your materials and your letter(s) to SSTI via email. It is important that you give your application its most competitive advantage by following these simple, yet important, instructions:

1. Please be sure that your email subject is formatted like this: 'Your Name - SSTI Tech Submission'

2. Please send all submission materials and links in the contents of the same singular email submission.

3. In the body of the email, please note (as you did on your application): the session(s) that you're being considered for, and your top two fields of interest.


                                                                                                When you're ready...