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This Isn't Camp.

Over sixteen unforgettable summers, SSTI's nationally ranked summer musical theatre intensive has changed the course of countless lives. In addition to preparing students for a career in musical theatre, SSTI's greater mission is the shaping of young professionals and outstanding humans.

At SSTI, it's about Careers, not Camps.

SSTI's Summer Musical Theatre Intensive



Each session of SSTI is centered around the production of a professional musical, crafted on a larger scale than most of our students have ever experienced.


After being accepted into SSTI (in late Spring), a series of video callbacks are issued to allow our staff to cast the session's musical. This means, unlike all other summer programs, our auditions are not held on site. This not only allows for a higher quality production experience, but it also prevents immediate competition upon arrival. No professional performer shows up on the first day of rehearsal to find out their role. That's camp. This Isn't Camp.

Over the next three weeks, our performers are put to task by our professional team of directors, choreographers and musical directors. With eight hour rehearsal days, six days a week, the process moves quickly and it isn't for the faint of heart. Beyond rehearsals, our cast is called for photoshoots, television appearances, and social media assignments. 

Read on to see how our students are also getting prepared in the classroom for life after high school and SSTI...

Professional Productions

Forget what you know about 'camp shows'.

At SSTI, our students arrive off-book, and immediately enter three weeks of rehearsal for a musical designed and crafted by New York professionals just for the students of SSTI and excited local audiences. The shows, sometimes double cast, provide an eye-opening experience for our performers about the expectations and realities of the life of a working actor.

College Ready

Every student at SSTI, from youngest to oldest, has a desire to pursue musical theatre in college. SSTI insures that professors from the top universities attend each session to coach audition material and answer the students' many questions. In 2022, we will add some of these outstanding teachers to our directorial staff, an opportunity for three weeks of hands on work crafting a musical with the best in the academic world.

Small Sessions

At SSTI, family is key. This bond is what makes SSTI stand out in the hearts of alumni for a lifetime. It's also created by SSTI's dedication to small sessions. By only accepting the number of students per session who would be professionally cast in the musical, it allows every student the opportunity for hands on work with our staff, coachings with our guests, and to play a part in the creation of this musical.

World Class


From our Tony-winning guest artists, to the professionals from top universities and Broadway who work with our students on a daily basis, we carefully select the most outstanding teachers and humans to work with our aspiring professionals. Our staff is extraordinary in their talent and abilities, but most importantly they possess the nurturing spirit to inspire and ignite it within others. 



Regardless of age, students at SSTI are tasked with rising above the expectations of a 'standard' teenager. We prepare our students for college (and life) by raising the stakes, off-stage as well. Each student takes part in the weekly grocery shopping trip, managing meal prep, doing their own laundry, waking up on time, and learning how to responsibly manage technology at home and in a workplace environment. 

Beautiful Locale

During the (admittedly few) non-musical theatre hours of the typical SSTI day, our performers embrace being surrounded by one of the most beautiful parts of our country, the South Carolina coast. Whether enjoying the beaches of Hilton Head Island, or the charm of downtown Beaufort, each campus will be able to embrace the opportunity to explore a new part of the country. Beach trips and outdoor opportunities are scheduled often!


Education at SSTI takes many forms. Our students are learning in masterclasses, in the home, and through the expectations of personal accountability and responsibility taught during the intensive rehearsal process.

At SSTI, we also know the importance of classroom work and preparing for the bright future that's ahead of our students.

After the show is open, our masterclass week is filled with classes and one-on-one work with some of the best college and professional coaches in the nation. In a small group setting (12 students), our students are taught by the masters; working hands-on with their audition material, and the fundementals of 'Acting the Song'.


For students focused on the college audition process (our rising 11th and 12th graders), we will have specific college audition question and answer sessions with the professors and top coaches, including a separate session for parents during a performance weekend.


The word family is used often by staff and students alike.

Every summer at SSTI, we do our part to positively affect the tone of the next generation of young artists. Often, our students come from schools or community theatre environments where there is division or 'drama', for lack of a less-cliched word. Not at SSTI.


At SSTI, every student is here for a reason: to build the foundation for a successful career, and to become the most competitive candidate for college programs. A student may have given the most incredible audition and landed the lead role or they could be a promising newcomer whose earnest 'About Me' section of the video audition made the staff excited to work with him or her. Every student is here because we saw a spark, and we want to fan the flame. 


We operate under the mantra of 'Gratitude is the Attitude' and believe that in our industry 'nice people work'. We want to work with and cultivate nice, generous, respectful, and thoughtful young people. If through our lessons in the theatre or in the 'graduated independence' afforded to our students living in housing, we can instill and encourage those qualities in the young people of SSTI, we've succeeded whether they land on Broadway or not.


​We're shaping people and performers.

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The SessionS
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Directed by
Tony Award Nominee

June 4 - June 30, 2024
*June 3rd Arrival/Travel Day

SSTI Hilton Head Campus
Directed by

July 9 - August 4, 2024
*July 8th Arrival/Travel Day

SSTI Hilton Head Campus
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Tuition for SSTI 2024 includes: 
Four week SSTI Musical Theatre experience
Individual Coachings with College Professors

Private bedroom in SSTI's new apartment style living
Chef's dinner nightly, with a weekly grocery delivery

Tuition for SSTI 2024 is $6975.

Tips: We are able to break payments up into payment plans. Additionally, there are limited sponsorships donated for students every summer. These 4-6 sponsorships are distributed on a verified needs basis and those qualifications are found within the GetAcceptd application process. 

SSTI MT is for current 8th grade through Seniors

Important Deadlines for SSTI 2024: 

Regular Admission: 3/3/24

Tip: Wait lists will form for all programs.

Due to demand, and with an intention to provide the most equitable process, there will not be Early Admission enrollment for 2024. Student with multi-session availability are highly encouraged to check any alternate sessions of interest when completing your application.
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