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Your Audition Video
Guidelines for
MT Production, Essentials, & SSTI Junior

Consider your video audition as your ultimate opportunity to present yourself in the best light. For some, the video audition takes away much of the stress from an actual 'in-person' audition. You don't have to worry about a new accompanist, you can do multiple takes, and there isn't anyone in the room watching. Just have fun, and be yourself! If accepted, we'll work with you on mastering both the in-person and video audition format. Below, you'll see the three parts to a successful SSTI video audition. 


Be Yourself! Your introduction is your moment to give us a glimpse as to who you are as a person. We'd much rather see this than a monologue! When you sing, we expect you to be in character. So take this moment and enjoy it! Feel free to share a fun fact about yourself or why you're passionate about theatre. We want you to be yourself, and we want you to succeed!


Vocal Audition

One 32-bar selection to be performed with piano accompaniment or accompaniment tracks. Singing from the show is OK. You may also present a quality prerecorded video of you performing in a recital or production. This should not be a video in which you are singing as a part of an ensemble. It should be a solo performance that clearly presents you and your skill level. If you aren't confident you have quality footage, it serves you best to make a new recording for the vocal audition.

(MT Production & Essentials Only)

Dance Audition

SSTI is providing you with a specific dance audition to complete. This will help our staff truly understand how you move and perform. Don't be intimidated by this, just be you! Students at SSTI have a wide breadth of dance experiences, and this combo was designed for all ranges. See the instructional videos in the slider below, and the specific music track can be found here:

Introduction with Ben
Dance Combo Taught
Dance Combo with Music

Dance Combo Footage

Self Tape

If you've thought about going to college for musical theatre (and let's be real, you have), you know that you're going to need to make a prescreen video to be granted an audition at most major colleges and universities.

By making this video, SSTI is helping you to prep for that experience even before you step foot on our campus. Putting yourself on camera can be much easier than you think.


Here are a few tips:

  • Natural light works best, but as you can see from the examples above, you can master any environment.

  • You don't need a fancy camera, an iPhone works great!

  • Live accompaniment is awesome, but we realize it isn't always possible. If you use a track, make sure the audio is balanced.

  • You don't have to dress for an interview, but dress knowing it's your first opportunity to introduce who you are and how you feel about your craft.

  • Let us see your joy! The auditor has to want to work with you!

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