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SSTI Junior!

Middle School Intensive

enters Its TENTH summer 
This five-day, audition based, program is for students Currently in 5th-7th Grades.


During this five day session, SSTI Junior Cast Members will be challenged and stretched by the dedicated staff of SSTI. They'll be pushed, just like the high schoolers, to become not only triple threat performers on-stage, but mature and responsible professionals off-stage. Daily curriculum will be varied and include small group instruction in voice and acting and group instruction in a variety of dance styles. The session will culminate with a final showcase performance for family and friends on Saturday afternoon.



The staff for SSTI Junior is the exact same group of leaders who work with our phenomenal high school students every summer. At SSTI Junior, we insure that expectations are set higher than what might typically be found at a weeklong middle school intensive. Through their performance based instruction, our Junior students should expect daily work and growth in all areas of musical theatre.


Based Program

The students at SSTI Junior spend much of their week developing a showcase performance, that they'll not only perform, but also author the narrative structure. Through this creation process, our students are not only building their technique on stage, but also shaping their voices as storytellers and their ability to collaboratively create with their peers.  Parents and friends are invited to watch their final performance on closing day!

Lasting Friendships

We often have students attend SSTI Junior for all three years of their middle school eligibility. Through the long days of hard work, our students form a bond that is truly inseparable. Of course, the SSTI staff works hard to insure that new members of the SSTI Junior family immediately feel at home too! During the year, we even see members of this group taking other intensives or even vacations together!


The Details

Program Directed and Led by

Bakari Jamal King

July 2-July 6, 2024

Students can expect:

  • A week filled with instruction from the same SSTI staff that works with our high school students.

  • Wide breadth of instruction in musical theatre performance technique.

  • Introduction to writing scenes and monologues for performance in the final showcase.

  • Endless opportunities to connect with old friends and make new ones at SSTI Junior!

Tuition for SSTI Junior 2024 includes: 
The hit SSTI Junior Experience
SSTI Junior Tee Shirt
Lifelong Memories

SSTI Junior will be LOCAL HOUSING only.
Families will be connected well in advance of SSTI Junior so that groups can arrange to travel/stay together.

Tuition for SSTI Junior is $675.

Important Deadlines for SSTI Junior 2024: 

**Rising 8th graders with advanced level musical theatre experience are invited to apply to our high school entry program, SSTI Essentials.***

Admissions Deadline: 3/5/23
Admissions Decision: 3/12/23

Rolling admissions will continue for SSTI Junior as we near summer. Dance audition is optional for SSTI Junior students.

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