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SSTI Essentials:

Musical Theatre and 

Audition Prep Bootcamp

Intensely Focused 
Why Essentials?

How could you grow as a performer and person if you had the opportunity to spend two weeks working in small group and one-on-one coachings with professors from some of the top musicals theatre universities in the nation?

How could you increase your audition readiness by spending two weeks taking individual voice lessons or a dance call every morning?

We think you'd be forever changed.  Professors from the dance, and musical theatre departments at top tier musical theatre colleges and conservatories will be leading Summer 2024's educational programming for SSTI Essentials, exactly as they will instruct during the final week of our longer four week programs.


This is the program for students who want the SSTI experience, the SSTI family, and the SSTI focus.

Focus on

Given our program's length, strict capacity guidelines, and world renowned faculty, each student attending SSTI Essentials can expect hand-on daily work in all aspects of musical theatre training and education. Our  staff meets the student where they currently are in their training and experience and presents them with insightful questions, new techniques, and appropriate repertoire that they can work on daily at SSTI and well into the future.

Focus On


Not only are we inspiring the future of musical theatre every summer at SSTI, but also the next generation of incredible humans that will shape our world. Our faculty arrive each day ready to inspire, and help our young people know the value they bring into this world, and how to embrace their authentic selves. Armed with a sense of confidence and acceptance of their self-worth and place in the 'industry,' our young people are ready to take on the world of college and beyond.

Focus on


Just like SSTI's four week program, Essentials students are all thinking about college auditions, no matter their age. Our faculty watch thousands of auditions every Fall, and our students will reap the benefits of their knowledge and advice. Not only will each student have a complete review of their audition 'book' and a coaching of a final package, but our rising seniors will have their prescreen materials ready to be filmed upon departure from SSTI Essentials.