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We're hitting the road in 2020!

Spend an afternoon working with master teacher and Carnegie Mellon professor Rick Edinger on:

- Making Bold Choices with Your Characters 

- Analyzing a Score to Inform Your Choices

- Utilizing Your Body as Your Instrument

- Crafting Your Perfect Audition Book

- Understanding the College Audition Process


Rick Edinger

Our Schedule

Prepare for Class

Every student should prepare and bring sheet music for two 32 bar cuts that they're familiar enough with to be coached off book. Live accompaniment will be provided unless specific notice is given.

If the student already has an audition 'book' already, please bring that book, as the instructor may find that an alternate selection might be the best choice for you and the coaching.

Please dress comfortably as you'll be working for at least four hours, and some of the exercises may be physical and could even involve lying down on the floor. 

Should the student choose to change for the afternoon SSTI program audition (which will be filmed for staff members not present) there will be ample time.

Masterclass times will vary by location, based on instructor travel scheduling. Both times and locations will be emailed.

Prepare for Auditions

Students participating in the masterclass will complete a live audition for SSTI in the afternoon following the class. Students will be assigned a 5 minute time window and it will be the final portion of the day. Following this audition, students are dismissed.​

Attending the masterclass is not a requirement to attend the afternoon SSTI auditions. Students interested in scheduling an audition only, please contact us using the form below. You'll be assigned a time and we'd love to meet you. Students attending the masterclass will be automatically registered for a time.

Non-Masterclass Student Audition Request Form

Thank you! We'll be in touch!

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